“I became involved in the Vail Valley Academy of Dance (VVAD) about 15 years ago when I signed my then, four year old daughter Hannah, up for ballet/tap classes. Fast forward to today and my lovely college aged daughter is majoring in dance. It has been an interesting journey and Ms. Anne and the entire staff were there the entire way!

The world of ballet is its own sub culture of auditions, etiquette, techniques, body type and talent. To someone who has never been involved and trying to guide her child through the process it can be very overwhelming. The VVAD was a great resource, training facility and support system for my daughter and me. This path of dance can be very intense and this studio helps to prepare you for that reality.

My daughter chose to take this path to a serious level but one can utilize the available classes and genres at the studio to the level they choose. When my daughter went out into the world from VVAD to attend summer intensives, mostly on the East Coast, she was well prepared and actually held her own against other dancers from all over the country. She is also competitive at the college level.

You can certainly rest assured that your child will be taught more than just dance at VVAD, they learn major life lessons about dedication, perseverance, teamwork and competition. Whether Hannah becomes a professional dancer or not, dance has molded her into the dedicated student and confident young women she is today. I can thank the Vail Valley Academy of Dance for contributing to her successes.”

-Megan Green


“I was a student at Vail Valley Academy of Dance for fifteen years. I always say that my experiences there opened so many doors for me both in and out of the dance world. Because of my training at VVAD I have been able to travel and perform all over the country, meet amazing friends and teachers, and learn valuable life lessons. As a VVAD student I learned important skills like time management and teamwork on top of learning classical ballet technique, jazz, and tap.”

-Hannah Green


The foundation I received at VVAD was really essential in entering the world of professional dance. After supplying very solid Jazz, Tap and Ballet fundamentals, the school provided amazing and diverse guest teachers that not only helped broaden movement vocabulary, but also expose me to other styles of dance. Above all I have to mention the incredibly supporting and nurturing learning environment.

Jonathan Royse Windham


“I had three daughters attend Vail Valley Academy of Dance. Not only did the studio help to foster their love of dance, they received excellent training and learned many life skills during their time at VVAD. All three of my daughters continued to dance through high school and into college. Two of my daughters were original members of the Vail Youth Ballet Company, a wonderful organization that provides young local dancers various opportunities to perform.

I cannot praise Anne Powell and her staff of teachers enough. I have been attending VVAD dance recitals since 1987 and I am continually amazed by the dedication and hard work that goes into it, as well as the incredible talent, skill, and beauty of the students who participate.”

-Jane Comerford


“VVAD was my home away from home for many years. All the people I encountered there, both friends and teachers, became my family in so many ways. Whether it was goofing around on break times, encouraging each other in the studio, or simply having someone there when I was upset, VVAD created many unbreakable bonds in my life. I learned so much that does not only apply in the dance studio. It has made me more of a respectful, motivated, hard working, and passionate person. Being in the studio allowed me to let all my emotions, good and bad, out on the dance floor and work with them or move past them. In those moments you feel simultaneously vulnerable yet stronger than ever. The classes gave me a strong technical foundation and the confidence to stretch to new extremes. I was able to improve my posture and strength as well as train my mind to remember combinations and choreography. The teachers also help students find the musicality in their movements which is extremely important as an artist. Overall, VVAD gave me all the tools I need to work towards a dance career and become a one of a kind artist.”

-Alison Caspersen


“Vail Valley Academy of Dance simply started out as a recreational activity for my mother to put her three year old daughter in. What my mother did not know, was that the Vail Valley Academy of Dance would harvest a life passion and open opportunities I could not imagine. The Academy not only taught me the technique that I needed in order to succeed, but also allowed me the freedom and safety I needed to develop as a young artist. As I have pursued other schools and opportunities, I have always kept the discipline, professionalism, and joy for dance that the Academy has taught me. The teachers have made me the dancer I am today, and also shaped who I am as a person. I accredit where I am today to VVAD and am thankful for every moment spent there.”

-Johanna Hayes


Anne Powell and her team of teachers at Vail Valley Academy of Dance teach dance skills that prepare students to take dance with them wherever they may go, be it a collegiate dance program, a professional company, or a recreational class setting. Beyond the core curriculum of dance VVAD also instills its students with lifelong lessons of discipline, self-confidence, leadership, and professionalism. I am proud to say that without Ms. Anne and her staff I would not be the person I am today.

-Deborah Cohen


The first Vail Valley Academy of Dance recital I ever attended was at CMC in the1980’s. I was a preschool teacher and I attended the recital to support some of my four-year-old students who were performing. I was amazed at the professionalism of the staff, the quality of the performance and the obvious proficiency of the dancers as they progressed through their training. I was so moved by it, I don’t think I have missed a VVAD spring recital since that first time, 28 years ago. I’m in awe of the many beautiful dancers I’ve seen grow through the program. When I eventually had children of my own, all three of them danced with the dance academy. Through dance, they developed confidence, self-esteem and learned discipline, time management, creative self- expression, a love for the arts, and a commitment and passion for following their dreams.

One of my children went on to pursue dance as a career. She felt the dance training and technique she received from VVAD gave her the strong foundation she needed to compete in the dance world. With the support and guidance of her amazing dance teachers from VVAD, and of course hard persistent work, she was able to compete for admittance into prestigious dance college programs and later, for jobs as a professional dancer. Our family is so grateful to Miss Anne, Miss Joanne, Colin, Maria, and the many other dedicated, talented and experienced teachers who have given their gifts and hearts to the

children and young adults in our valley for so many years. My daughter Molly would tell you that besides building friendships and character, VVAD made her a dancer and dance is her life. My daughter Whitney, and my son Remsen, would tell you that they are better people because of the experiences they had, people they met and lessons they learned though VVAD. Life is richer because of the arts and they couldn’t imagine it without dance. I feel the same way.

-Cindy Allard


The Vail Valley Academy of Dance has been my daughter’s home away from home since she was four years old when I enrolled in her first tippy toes class. I had no idea how much this program would enrich her life. She is now 16, a junior @ Battle Mountain High School and hopes to pursue a career in the world of dance. She has taken classical ballet, tap, and jazz with their very professional, dedicated, caring, team of staff and teachers under the direction of owner & artistic director, Ms. Anne Powell. Over the years they have become our family & friends.

The level of teaching at this studio is one of the best you could find anywhere in the US. Katherine has been accepted to summer intensive programs for positions at the Nutmeg Conservatory of Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet, Joffrey School of Ballet in NYC, Harid Conservatory, Saratoga Springs Ballet & the Miami City School of Ballet.

Not only has she learned how to perfect her dance technique at VVAD but it has taught her poise, grace, and time management skills juggling her dance her schedule with the academic rigors of school.

She has learned the fine art of friendship & social skills being part of a supportive team when chosen to be a member of a select group of senior dancers called the Vail Youth Company Ballet.

Each year VVAD students have several opportunities to participate in performances in the Vail Valley, thus enriching their lives by sharing the joy of dance with family and friends in our community. We are so happy that we have taken advantage of this superior program!

-Linda Lampert


Valley Academy of Dance was a wonderful experience for both of my daughters! Abby who is now 13 and Caroline, 9, both started dancing at VVAD when they were three. The instruction over the years was exceptional and both girls continued there until we moved to New York City last year. After auditioning and being accepted to several different ballet schools, we chose the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis school for the American Ballet Theatre. With the excellent training provided by VVAD, they were both prepared for ABT. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Vail Valley Academy of Dance! They provided excellent training in a nurturing environment that was such a positive experience for both girls over the years!

-Debbie Ellstrom


“I have been involved with VVAD over the course of the last 20 years. We are so fortunate in this valley to have such an exceptional caliber of instruction – a program any large city would be delighted to offer. Anne has held to the highest standards year in and year out. She expects only the best and the girls continually rise to that expectation. The Nutcracker and the annual dance recitals showcase a program dedicated to excellence. We are thrilled to be a part of VVAD.

-Michelle Maloney


“I have been dancing at Vail Valley Academy of Dance for 13 years. I take ballet, jazz, and tap classes. I fell in love with dance after my first ballet class and I haven’t be able to stop since. At VVAD I have made friendships with girls from all over the Vail Valley that I know will last forever. VVAD has taught me to be organized and how to manage my time. Last year, my dreams came true when I was chosen to be the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker. Dancing at Vail Valley Academy of Dance has created memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

-Katherine Sayre, 16

My daughter has been a ballet and jazz student at VVAD from second grade through middle and high school.  She has had wonderfully dedicated, enthusiastic, caring, and well-trained teachers every step of the way.  Her many, many hours of training at the dance studio have brought a multitude of benefits in addition to expected development in grace, flexibility, movement, and stage presence.  Her dance training at VVAD has also brought her self-confidence, poise, discipline, time-management skills, and lasting friendships.  Ms. Anne is a trusted teacher, mentor, and role model to my daughter and her peers.  We love VVAD and endorse its rich programs without hesitation!

-Susan Gruber

“A second home is what I call Vail Valley Academy of Dance. Ms. Anne and the entire VVAD staff are professional, passionate, and inspiring. They have shared the gift of dance with me for countless years. Their teachings go beyond the classroom; I have learned so much about myself as a dancer, as well as a developing individual.  I wholeheartedly recommend VVAD to dancers of all ages.”

-Allie Gruber