Hip Hop is a high energy, expressive, and fun street movement as seen in music videos by artists like Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, and Usher. Hip hop has a range of styles from breakdancing to pop-’n’-lock to krumping. Vail Valley Academy of Dance offers three terrific hip-hop classes exclusively for boys that really lets them show their stuff. Sorry, no girls allowed!

Boys Club 1 age 8+

High energy, fun introduction to Hip Hop basics, targeting physical fitness and co-ordination. Each class begins with a callisthenic warm up session, followed by across the floor progressions with Jumps, Indy grab leaps, and break dance moves such as: Side-Swipes, Windmills, Six-step, Brooklyn Rock step, Hand plants and Flips. The Boys then learn a basic routine connecting their break dance steps with rhythmic transition steps. This is for younger boys or those with no previous hip-hop dance experience.

Boys Club 2/3 ages 10+

This high-energy intermediate level class is focused on musicality, integrating pop-lock, street Funk, flares and stylistic versatility. All the basic break dance progressions are fine-tuned with the intensive callisthenic warm up and across the floor progressions.

Boys club 4 ages 14+

Boys club 4 is focused on freestyle moves, improvisation, the ability to turn and extreme fitness. Each student is required to have had training in B-boy breaks if they have not participated in Boys club 1 & 2 or 3. The break moves included in this class include: Rock steps, CC’s, Broncos, Boston Grab, Bunny Hop, Cannon Ball, Crab, Crazy legs, Coffee Grinders, Floats, Hand Glides and Helicopter.

Dress Code

Black hip-hop sneakers, t-shirt, loose pants to dance in. Should be street legal and rad.

Additional Classes