Tap Dancing is characterized by using the sound of one’s tap shoes hitting the floor as a percussive instrument, while using the entire body in movement to music and rhythms. For the four year olds, it’s just fun to make noise with our feet! At Vail Valley Academy of Dance, we teach “Broadway Tap” styles as well as “Jazz Style” tap dancing. Tap dancing at VVAD starts at age four with a combination class of ballet and tap. Children will start with the basics of learning the various sounds their tap shoes make, using their heel, toe, side and ball of feet. They will learn combinations of flaps, shuffles, and travel steps across the floor. As they progress into the various Tap Levels of Tap One thru Advanced Tap, they learn more challenging combinations and Choreography to include time steps, syncopation combinations and full on routines. Students will show off their skills at the annual Spring Recital.

All tap classes meet once a week for one hour. Rhythms, speed, and complexity are increased at each level. The teacher must place students at upper levels.

Dress Code

Tap 1 – 3 – Students wear the black tapster tap shoe, with a solid color top and black jazz pants.

Tap 4 – Advanced – Students wear the heeled Capezio tap 561, a solid color top and black jazz pants.

Additional Classes